September 10, 2023

Caramel | كاراميل

Caramel | كاراميل Maya used to live a peaceful life along her mother, brother and fiancé, Iyad. However, “a piece of Caramel” changed her life. How? Then answer will be revealed in the series after Maya meets Raja, the rich man. Drama Starring:Carmen LebbosDhafer L'AbidineMaguy Bou GhosnPierre Dagher
September 10, 2023

الكبير أوي 7 | Al-Kabir Awy 7

الكبير أوي 7 | Al-Kabir Awy 7 In the seventh season, a year after Al-Kabir married Marbouha, many disputes occur between them, urging them to go to a psychologist. On the other hand, Johnny is trying to do a new project in Al Mazarita. Drama Starring:Ahmed MekkyBayoumi FouadHesham IsmailMohamed Sallam
September 10, 2023

Loa’bat Hob | لعبة حب

Loa’bat Hob | لعبة حب 'Jean' is son of the company 'Aziz', a young man who has the spirit of adventure and love nature and athlete. On the same day, you begin 'Reham' work the company is establishing a party, and that night is the first meeting between 'Reham' and 'Jean' in a somewhat strange and romantic manner. To begin their love story, some people will be separated in various ways. Drama Starring:Birand TuncaCan YamanDemet ÖzdemirÖznur Serçeler
September 10, 2023

جرح القلب | Jerh El-Aleb

جرح القلب | Jerh El-Aleb Jerh El-Aleb is a lively young girl living in Istanbul who has managed to stand on her own feet. Ferit, who is about to marry Hande, the daughter of the Varoglu Family, the choice of his family, confronts the facts before the wedding and his world turns upside down. Shaken by betrayal, Ferit's path crosses with Ayse. The two find themselves in a difficult marriage game after their accidental meeting. Drama Starring:Gökhan AlkanMerve ÇagiranYagmur Tanrisevsin
September 10, 2023

عشق منطق انتقام | Eshq Manteq Entiqam

عشق منطق انتقام | Eshq Manteq Entiqam Esra’s plan to retaliate against her once-broke ex-husband, who is now a businessman, goes sideways when they realize they still have feelings for each other. Drama Starring:Burak YörükBurcu Özberkİlhan ŞenMehmet Korhan Firat
September 10, 2023

Anta Atruq Babi | انت اطرق بابي

Anta Atruq Babi | انت اطرق بابي When the media mistakenly links her with the heir to a major holding company, Eda couldn’t be more horrified. Serkan is an arrogant, self-centered control freak who embodies everything she hates. But the unlikely pair come to an arrangement: Eda will pretend to be his fiancé until his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and Serkan will reinstate her scholarship so she can get her degree. But what starts as a simple deal doesn’t stay simple for long… Drama Starring:Bige ÖnalHande Erçelİsmail Ege ŞaşmazKerem Bursin
September 10, 2023

Eshret Omor | عشرة عمر

Eshret Omor | عشرة عمر In a dramatic context, the events of the series revolve around (Perla), a loving and kind young woman who is close to her family, but she discovers that there is a secret hidden from her, and the events escalate. Drama Starring:Joe SaaderMarita El HelaniNicole Tohme
September 10, 20230

فتاة النافذة | Fatat Al Nafiza

فتاة النافذة | Fatat Al Nafiza Nalan, a beautiful young woman raised in wealth, works as an architect. Her strict mother has confined her with a corset until marriage. She meets Sedat, a wealthy man, and they fall in love. As their highly anticipated wedding approaches, their dark secrets loom, threatening their fairy tale-like existence. Drama Starring:Burcu BiricikFeyyaz SerifogluNur SürerSelma Ergeç
February 8, 2023

Wajae Alqalb

Wajae Alqalb The series tells the story of two families, one different from the other. The first is the poor "Sahar" family, who has three boys, two girls and a boy. They were living in the city of Antalya. Circumstances force them to move to Istanbul and live with the second family, which is the family of the wealthy businessman Agha Karachay, who lives in In his palace. Drama Starring:Fikret KuşkanMine TugayOzan Dolunay
February 8, 2023


Ekhwati The story revolves around Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel, four siblings who lose their parents due to unfortunate circumstances and try to build their lives going forward with each other's support. Despite their ups and downs, they are always there for each other. But soon the truth surrounding their parents death slowly starts to unravel and nothing will remain the same. Drama Starring:Celil Nalçakan.Halit özgür sarıSu Burcu Yazgı Coşkun
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