40 hosted in Lebanon by Jessica Azar brings new energy to the celebrity talk show genre. In 40, one celebrity has to answer 40 burning questions that the world wants to know however they’ve only got 2 minutes to answer each question.

Foq Al 18

A social talk show presented by Rabea El-Zayat, presenting the opinion and the other opinion on bold social issues from the point of view of Arab women and men. Where 4 women and 4 men are fixed in each episode, they give their shocking opinions on bold social issues, based on their personal convictions, some of them are with and others against and here the argument begins in the episode.

Loa'bet Hob

Reham, a cheerful and lively young girl who works in her father's grocery store, finds herself forced to marry if she cannot find a job. During her search for a job, she discovers that the advertising company in which her sister works, "Laila", is looking for an assistant worker, so she registers for the job, and after working there, a new adventure will begin.


When Ebbo's father dies, he leaves behind a will that compels Ebbo to complete a list of tasks to be able to get his inheritance. Ebbo enlists his friend Semsem's help to complete the tasks.

Al-Kabir Awy 6

In the sixth season, after several years, Al-Kabir is exposed to many changes, as he tries to take care of his two sons, while Johnny is going through many difficulties after becoming obese.

Jorh Al Qalb

Everything is turned upside down when Fred and Handa plan their marriage because their families' past is full of revenge!

Qalb Al Madina

The story of the Turkish series Heart of the City revolves around a young man named Ali, a professional wrestler who is fluent in five languages and a graduate of a famous university.


A thriller that depicts the life of a charismatic man who gets involved with a dangerous group, and he soon realizes that the only way out is to play along until you become the master.


An emotional story about a man whose life was stolen and he returned to face his past and his great love, and the story will revolve around a person named Cozgun who will live with another name.

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