Dear Viewer ,
Thank you for your interest in Mysat Italia .
Mysat Italia is a direct service from Italy to Australia and New Zealand . Our aim is to provide a quality low cost reliable service to the many Australian and New Zealand Italian speakers. You all deserve this.
Channels: Rai Italia , Rai News , Rai Premium , Mediaset La Sette , TV 2000

Mysat Italia is transmitting through the Satellite of Intelsat 19 or Pas 8 Ku on the following frequency.
Freq: 12726 – Symbol Rate: 28066 – Pol: Horizontal .
To be able to view our channels you will require a 65cm KU Band Dish, an IRDETO Set top Box and a smartcard.
Kindly note: There is an initial one off smart card fee of AU $30.00(incl. GST).
Monthly subscription fees AU$35(incl. GST).
Minimum payment required in advance is for 3 months.
If you need your dish re-aligned to IS 19 / Intelsat 8 then you will need to contact an installer and arrange for a re-alignment. If you do not have any existing equipment again you will need to contact an installer and organise a full installation. Installation charges will be applicable.
Special Offer : + receiver + card + 3 months subscription For only AU$200*
Special Offer : + receiver + card + 12 months subscription For only AU$350* Method of payment is by Direct Debit
What you need to do
All you need to do is to fill in the Subscription Contract Schedule and Direct Debit/Credit forms and return to Mysat Pty Ltd : Suite 3, Level 3 , 9 Deane St Burwood NSW 2134 Or email to :
Please call us on 1300 976 482 if you have any queries
Suite 3, Level 3 , 9 Deane St , Burwood NSW 2134 / TEL +61 2 97471011 or 1300 976 482/ Website: email:

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